Our company philosophy

Quality and quantity:

  • Through a process-oriented quality management, we are able to achieve a continuous improvement in our performance and safety in all processes.
  • We carefully and environmentally consciously utilize the resources available to us. (Certification according to ISO 14001:2004)
  • With our entire team, we are able to achieve a high degree of quality and quantity.


  • Partnership and trust towards our employees is a must.
  • With each other and for each other: Top down and bottom up.
  • Our duty of care towards our employees is paramount.

Customer oriented:

  • Through a “customized flexibility”, we assure a continuous quality and delivery reliability for our customers.
  • Through our ISO/TS 16949 certification, as well as to the “known consignor” approval in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 300/2008, we possess the prerequisite to conduct a trouble-free global distribution.
  • We try to fulfil the wishes of our customers whenever possible.

Innovation and experience:

  • We have an experienced team with world-class expertise at our disposal.
  • We consistently increase our expertise through education and training.
  • The high technological level of our machinery allows us to practice a high degree of flexibility in all respects.

Goal oriented:

  • Success is our goal.
  • Quality is our demand.
  • Innovative and solution-orientated products are what drives us.

That’s what ZIMMERMANN Technische Federn GmbH stands for


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