Customized flexibility - technical springs from small to large batches

ZIMMERMANN Technische Federn is a competent developer and series supplier of suspensions and assemblies for complex applications. ZIMMERMANN Technische Federn GmbH is headquartered in the tri-border region, more precisely in the city of Leutersdorf. For more than 100 years, the Zimmermanns have been developing their expertise in the development and manufacturing of complex spring systems. Over the years, a strong relationship of trust between customers, employees and management has been established. The product range extends from pressure, tension and torsion springs to wire and stamped bending parts, elaborate plate or coil springs all the way up to versatile assemblies. Impossible, not with us! ZIMMERMANN Technische Federn GmbH places very high demands on itself and the quality of the spring systems they manufacture. Through superior education and training of the employees, ZIMMERMANN has created a comprehensive degree of expertise in their professional field. Zimmermann utilizes this foundation in order to fulfil even the most specialized customer requirements.

Competence in the development, production and logistics of springs

Our products are manufactured after customer specific requirements. In doing so, we are using our experience from developing and producing more than 1,000 different types and designs of springs and spring assemblies.


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